Remi LeRante's “Time for msysGit”

I use msysGit every day -- without issue -- on my Win7 system. I also use git every day on my Arch Linux system.

And I'm not the only guy developing on Windows that finds msysGit to be great. By now you're saying “So what's your point Remi!?” The point is that threads like this one have gone well past boring into absolutely annoying.


Simple. The msysGit downloads still have preview in their filenames eventhough the code has worked solidly for quite awhile. I can understand why the project's contributors might want to be humble and let the code quality speak for itself. But it's quite another thing to hamstring the code by labeling it preview.

It's time for this nonsense to come to an end and for msysGit to hold it's head up high and walk proud.

If you agree, drop over to the msysGit mailing list and tell them what a great job they're doing! And, oh by the way, please drop the preview label from your downloads :)

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